Hope and History Rhyme

I was riding a Lyft in Denver.  We were on the highway making our way toward a brewery that specializes in chicha and pulque.  The Lyft driver was playing the radio and it featured music from Cameroon.  I was just playing around with my phone when I noticed a post from American singer Rhiannon Giddens. Continue reading “Hope and History Rhyme”

Green Faeries Ruminating on Van Gogh’s Ear

It would seem that absinthe is becoming more prevalent in spite its prohibited status. It is appearing on television shows from time to time and virtually every European country has removed the ban on this product. I love the common sense ruling by the Dutch two years ago that there was no proof that absintheContinue reading “Green Faeries Ruminating on Van Gogh’s Ear”


They found him in a room in Thailand— pants down, belt around neck big smile on his face. The prostitute in the room sobbing and swearing it was an accident. Auto erotic asphyxiation gone horribly wrong. And then there are suicidal tendencies and people hanging themselves. But families lose the Ka-ching if it’s suicide soContinue reading “CHOKE THE CHICKEN (AUTO-EROTIC ASPHYXIATION GONE HORRIBLY WRONG)”