I’m an opportunistic omnivore

The game’s been called survival

I eats what food I find


Coming soon!!!! Coming soon!!! Poetry you never realized you needed will be available!!!

Perplexed by cynicism
rooftop visions;
wagon wheeled thoughts
reverb a mind scanning
eyes weary of light
zydeco playing unheard


Just sitting around thinking about writing and how we can make the world a better place. It doesn’t seem that the writing does all that much. Often times, it does seems hopeless. But Mavis sang about bringing hope to a hopeless world. Hopefully, I can shine a little light on the matter.

Why do fact checkers have so much bias against liars?

This is a local, one person operation attempting to poeticize the world.

As long as there’s enough alcohol, all the other problems seem to take care of themselves.

George Schaefer

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Bard’s Shards

Black is beautiful

proclaims 16 oz. beer can

drunk but for a cause.

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Psychology 101 usually pisses people off because it’s usually right and they are confronted with the fact that their problems are really not unique–and often not very interesting.

cannabalized haibun and gringo haiku for you.

an exceedingly long poem about relatively little.