Cobblestone Trampling Along City Walls

When I found out I was going to Europe again, I wanted to visit some places I had never been before. I also wanted to find more affordable places to help compensate for the atrocious exchange rate we currently have. That turned my eyes toward Eastern Europe. I figured I could find more favorable financialContinue reading “Cobblestone Trampling Along City Walls”

Other Side of the Skype Call

It can be disconcerting having to conduct business with skype.  I get on a skype call with a couple co-workers to provide some on job instruction.  I have a dog that likes to contribute his thoughts throughout the session.  Another person has a baby that has a lot to cry.  The worst is the person talking to me withContinue reading “Other Side of the Skype Call”


Mugwumps with dreadlocks hallucinations persist as we resist the con William Burroughs birthday is immediately followed by Bob Marley’s birthday—every year.  This pleases me.  We can get our twisted cut ups with some soothing reggae lilts.  Mugwumps with dreadlocks bobbing along to Three Little Birds.  My words of advice for young people is to relent.  Resistance is futile, anyway.  Just letContinue reading “MUGWUMPS WITH DREADLOCKS”