Amtrak train rolling through Nebraska wee hours a stop in Omaha got off train in full darkness no fields or pastures to view.

BEASTLY BUT BEAUTIFUL (flash fiction(?))

The assignment was to place Huckleberry Finn in modern day New York and write a short story.  I was a high school kid in the 80s and only spent a few field trips in New York.  Of course, I watched many TV shows and I did have my imagination.  Mr. V didn’t cotton to me.  I was aContinue reading “BEASTLY BUT BEAUTIFUL (flash fiction(?))”


I could not find you,      my dear You were hiding behind Cleopatra’s Needle in Central Park      and I, um— I was looking for you along Belmont Plateau in Fairmount Park in Philly And my vision not being bionic or X-ray was unable to detect      your presence or lack thereof THRU PERIPHERAL VISION: Schaefer, GeorgeContinue reading “ANOTHER MISCONNECTION”


It can be really intense when you take acid and I’m not talking about fake shit.  I mean reality and real intensity.  There was one time when I dosed with a few friends.  It was good liquid about 250 mikes a hit.  I indulged in two hits. We were restless so someone go the bright idea to cruise overContinue reading “THE ELECTRIC JIMMY SWAGGART ACID TEST”


You can lie to me.  That’s okay.  I’ll probably figure it out and no one will really get hurt.  But you keep lying to yourself and that’s really an emotional and psychic cancer.  But like a portrait of Dorian Gray in the attic, you’ll keep the deterioration hidden from view.  You know the cancer is spreading but it isn’t visibleContinue reading “YOU CAN LIE TO ME”

HOW TO WIN FRIENDS WITH SALAD (a response to Homer Simpson)

They always say that no great story begins with “I ordered a salad.” You also have Homer and Bart mercilessly mocking Lisa with their taunt of “You don’t win friends with salad.” But I beg to differ on this short-sighted attitude.  I did recently have an evening that started off with a salad. Of course, uponContinue reading “HOW TO WIN FRIENDS WITH SALAD (a response to Homer Simpson)”