I haven’t had

the Batman dream

in quite awhile.

That was always

my favorite recurring dream

in my early adult life.

The basic gist of the dream

is that I would be Batman

with uniform and Bat Cave and all.

Of course,

I wasn’t a very good Batman.

I was more interested

in making time with Catwoman

than preventing crime.

Then people ask the obvious:

Which Catwoman was it?

Was it Julie Newmar or Eartha Kitt

or Lee Merriweather or Michelle Pfieffer

or Anne Hathaway?

I’m truly a whore

because it always rotated 

among the different CatWomen.

All of them (including Haile Berry)

appeared in at least one dream

and truth be told

I’ve yet to select a favorite.

Published by fuchebuyahoocom

poet, philosopher and comic. Philadelphia born but suburban bred.

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