There were a lot of people that voted for Obama that weren’t liberal or Democrat.  They were people who were looking for a messiah.  They wanted someone that could come in and miraculously fix all the problems overnight.  They don’t want to roll up their sleeves and work hard to make things better.  They wanted an easy fix.

Of course, being human, Obama wasn’t able to fix everything overnight.  This was the origin of what many now refer to as the Obama-trump voter.  There were people that voted for Obama twice and then switched to trump.  There was no ideological reasoning.  There is no political consistency.  These were the weak minded people that believe in this fantasy that a president can come in and fix everything.  They don’t understand the difference between a president and a savior.  If you want a savoir, go to church or a synagogue or mosque.  You aren’t going to find a savior in the voting booth.

Of course, a lot of republican strategists saw this mentality and figured, we need a candidate that can fit this bill.  A lot of people don’t realize that republican strategists were talking with trump about running for president as far back as 2011.  They wanted him to run against Obama in 2012.  They figured that he can go out and attract these people that are looking for a savior.  Since there is little political or ideological conviction among these folks, it’s easy to get them to switch from one party to another.

Of course, the person getting conned is generally not in on the joke.  They are being played.  They are being told that they’re really smarter than other people.  They’re being told that they are better than the other people.  They are being relieved of responsibility for the inadequacies in their own lives.  It is appealing to have somebody else to blame for what is wrong with your life.

Obama is a very rational individual who didn’t have much interest in abusing this false faith that many of these early supporters had.  The problem now is that you have a pre-eminent con artist with no conscience in a position to abuse the blind faith of the naïve.  You have a person who realizes he can abuse the power for his own purposes.  I don’t think you necessarily have bad or evil people.  I think you have desperate people who are too weak to look up and see the truth.  They can’t admit to themselves that they’ve been hoodwinked.

The really sad thing is that we don’t need a savior in the White House.  We just need a president that can go in and do the job.  We don’t need a celebrity or a star.  For politics, boring is better.  If you are doing the job well, nobody will be talking about you.  If you’re being discussed every hour of every day, it really indicates that you failed.

We can make our lives better on our own.  We need to look within ourselves and we need to be willing to figure things out for ourselves.  We can make smart investments and smart choices in our lives.  We can make the world better for ourselves simply by living better lives.  We don’t need a conald to make our lives better.  In the long run, the conald will only make things worse for everyone.  Let’s hope America figures that out before it’s too late.


Published by fuchebuyahoocom

poet, philosopher and comic. Philadelphia born but suburban bred.

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