So now we have Scott Baio whining that he can’t get roles because he’s a conservative.  This is funny considering that Vince Vaughan and Clint Eastwood have little difficulty in getting work in spite their conservative views.

Let’s analyze things in a more realistic manner.  Scott Baio has always been a good looking guy.  He’s never been a particularly gifted actor.  He benefited from the looks.  Hollywood producers making movies and TV shows will very often need eye candy in the film.  We usually think of this for women but it also applies to men.  There are times that they want eye candy for the ladies so they look for a male bimbo.

So when they needed a good looking guy for the ladies, they would seek out an actor like Scott Baio to fill the role.  Now, we’re several decades past his prime.  He’s still a good looking guy—for his age.  So when producers need the male bimbo, they aren’t going to call him.  There are younger and prettier boys available.  They’re going to go for the newest 22 year old flavor of the month.  It’s their turn now. 

Nobody cries political bias for the actresses that got by on their looks as young ladies.  We just accept that they filled a purpose as eye candy in films and now they’ve been usurped by younger prettier models.  Why should it be any different for men?  If all you are is a bimbo—male or female—you will stop getting offers. That is simply the shallow culture in which we live. 

The younger ladies the filmmakers are trying to woo don’t want Grandpa Scott.  For fantasy purposes, I don’t even think the women his own age want him anymore.  We alL go for the young Adonis or Aphrodite in our fantasies.  There is very little prejudice at work here.  It’s simply a matter of a one trick pony going past his expiration date.  Take a few acting lessons and you might get some roles on Hallmark movie specials.  There might be room for him in the fantasy lives of the elderly women watching those movies.

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