I’m just enjoying a cocktail

when the party enters

Mixed drinks and shots

being ordered in abundance.

A few of them

already well on their way

suddenly a quiet drink

exceeds 100 decibels

The bartender wants to know

which fool is getting hitched.

The fool—or groom to be—

gets rewarded with a free shot

I hear one of them

talking about getting a tattoo

They seem to be unsure

how much alcohol should be consumed

before getting inked.

I’m amused by this

Usually people don’t

make it a game plan

So did we just wake up

in the morning

and say,

“Hey, I think I’m gonna get drunk

and get a tattoo.” 

Or was it a long range plan?

Did they sit around

plotting it out?

This intrigues me

I listen to a debate over

whether they should go

to the next bar first

or hit the tattoo parlor

I vaguely interested

in how things will go.

Of course, I have a dog

that needs to be fed

and wrestling is on the tube

The groom reiterates that

he will in fact go thru with it

and get the tattoo

I get out my phone

to order a Lyft to go home

At the risk of many sleepless nights

I accept that I may never know

if our hero did get inked

but I do hope the marriage goes well.


Published by fuchebuyahoocom

poet, philosopher and comic. Philadelphia born but suburban bred.

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