I’m still not sure the actual laws but Cambodia seems to be at least partially lenient on marijuana.  I remember reading that they legalized it to attract tourists.  I never knew if that was truth or fiction.  I do know that a lot of places in Phnom Pehn liked to serve “happy pizza”.  This was pizza spiced with a substitution for oregano.

Moments of sheer bliss

oregano like cat nip

coaxes playful mood

You could order the pizza as happy pizza.  They knew what to do.  Best yet, they didn’t even charge any extra for the substitution.  American restaurants could learn from this example.  Give the people what they want. 

It was even a pretty tasty pizza, too.  I mean, no one in Boston or New York is losing their job but this was tasty.  Of course, it also provided a delayed but pretty intense kick.  You can walk out feeling full but you know that something is going to hit real soon.  Get thee to a safe space.

Sitting on a bench

happy pizza greatly

enhanced the mood

as Mekong River flowed

it’s dark muddy water

Of course, watching the mighty Mekong is intense but you realize that you might be best to make haste and get back to your room ASAP.  It’s starting to kick in.  Across the street from the hostel is a bar featuring karaoke.  Yes, this will be an enjoyable and amusing evening.  Someone who can barely speak English is singing a Prince tune and the happy pizza is asserting its presence.

Enjoy enhanced mood

momentary bliss unreal

and yet paid in full



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poet, philosopher and comic. Philadelphia born but suburban bred.

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