How unsettling it was to finally realize that Nurse Ratched was a Bajoran.  You read the credits and it raises so many questions.  Someone points out the amazing coincidence and we all have to pause to say “Hmmm”   It clearly confirms Louise Fletcher as an acting legend and national treasure but then confusion reigns supreme.  So Nurse Ratched was a Bajoran religious leader and just as bad ass running Bajoran religion as running an mental institution in America.

Mind boggling to think

the implications unclear

ponder the meaning

So we don’t have the same timeline so we have to figure it all out.  Did Kai Winn Adami travel back in time to become Nurse Ratched.  I always felt that Chief Broom escaping from the Cuckoo’s Nest was vital for the survival of the human race.  Randle Patrick McMurphy was a true martyr.  You’ll never convince me otherwise.  The Bajorans needed Federation interference to survive.  Maybe the Bajorans sent Kai Winn back to make sure Chief Broom was motivated to escape.  Or maybe reincarnation is the rule of the day and Nurse Ratched several lifetimes later was still a total ruthless badass bullying and dominating innocents.  Lack of growth defeats the purpose of reincarnation but who knows?

Ponder mysteries

the universe so complex

the great mysteries

remain ever elusive

will truth ever be revealed

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poet, philosopher and comic. Philadelphia born but suburban bred.

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