Have to watch those Saturday morning cartoons with my dog.  MeTV was kind enough to throw on 3 hours of the classics.  It’s become a treatment for a hangover.  After the dog headbutts me into street clothes for an early morning walk, I get back still head throbbing with a hangover.  Cartoons in the bedroom works wonders.

Watching Pink Panther

electrocuted on screen

no plot to follow

and Popeye remains a strange cartoon.  No one can explain to me why anyone wanted Olive Oyl.  But it helps nurse me through the hangover.  Sips of coffee proffered from the mug stashed on the nightstand.  The dog turns away from Tom & Jerry cartoons feeling as though the dog in the show is mistreated and underutilized.  Nobody is all that upset when Tom gets his comeuppance, that’s for damn sure.

Strange image of cat

and mouse and unhinged canine

filtering on screen

Of course, I’m really a Bugs Bunny fan.  Bugs Bunny was one of my boyhood idols.  It’s also great to see Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Porky Pig, Foghorn Leghorn and even Marvin the Martian maggot.  You wonder what makes those construction workers really think they will get away with building their house over top of Bugs Bunny’s home.  It takes a real fool to think it might work.  The dog does turn back to the TV when Bugs Bunny comes on.  He also seems partial to Foghorn Leghorn.  I gradually stave off the hangover and struggle toward consciousness with my cartoons and copious quantities of coffee.  The dog lays there judging me in my inefficiency and I can say I deserve better

Animated morn

eventually eyes open

a new day rising

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poet, philosopher and comic. Philadelphia born but suburban bred.

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